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  • When I first visited Debbie naturally I was a little anxious due to the nature of the visit. In all honesty I did not realise that the 'part' I had feared had already taken place! I thought she was joking when she assured me that the speculum was already inserted.

    The first treatment took around 45 minutes, but felt like only 10 minutes. After the session I felt rather tired and woozy; it was a wonderful feeling.

    On the subsequent visit Debbie explained that the fatigue I had experienced is due to the huge amount of toxic matter that had been removed from my bowel, which is very tiring to an unacustomed body. Unfortunately I haven't experienced it to that degree since, hopefully I will! My seventeen year old daughter has benefitted from colonic irrigation and naturopathic supplements from Debbie and is also a regular visitor to her practice.

    Regarding my health, Debbie has prescribed various supplements specifically treating both myself and daughter's IBS. It will take a while to fully adjust to a completely new food regime, but we are slowly adjusting and are feeling the benefits, realistically as Debbie advised it is best to introduce it slowly otherwise it becomes a duty!

    -Miriam Till
  • I needed to lose weight to get fit for an operation. Having tried a few diets in the past, I found them somewhat unreliable.

    I needed help; a guide to show me the way to better nutrition and sensible eating. I had the immense good fortune to be introduced to Debbie Laniado. It was a life changing experience. With her help and guidance, I modified my eating habits and with various vitamins, dietary supplements and colonic irrigation I have lost 40 lbs in weight and feel fitter and healthier than for many years.

    I have now had my hip replacement operation, am recovering well and looking forward to a more active and healthier life.

    With most of the important decisions in our lives, we seek professional help. Few of us would think of buying a house without the help of a solicitor, so why do we think we can fix our life style, our diet, our health on our own?

    If you need a guide to find your way to this healthier lifestyle, I can wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Laniado.

    - Ian Warrener

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