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First line therapy: Your first step towards a healthy life!

FirstLine Therapy® is a therapeutic lifestyle programme that is simple and effective to use. It incorporates dietary modifications, exercise, nutritional supplementation and stress management techniques help support body composition and health.

The focus is on cellular health, in turn your energy levels are higher, your body metabolises fat better, you lose unhealthy fat easier, your mental function improves, you sleep better—you just feel better all over!

FirstLine Therapy works because it integrates:-

  • A smart, easy-to-follow meal plan.
  • Added nutritional support to supply energy and conveniently increase nutrient intake while reducing calorie intake.
  • A moderate amount of physical activity.
  • Professional monitoring to individualise the program for each patient, track progress and ensure success.

FirstLine Therapy is unique because it:-

  • Has been demonstrated safe and effective in controlled clinical trials.
  • Uses an easy-to-follow meal plan based on glycemic index—no starving yourself!
  • Supports healthy energy production.
  • Promotes fat loss—not muscle loss.
  • Supports healthy insulin and blood sugar balance.
  • Uses a therapeutic metabolic food proven in clinical trials to increase muscle while decreasing body fat.
  • Helps improve health now and reduce risk of serious health problems later.

Most of us can admit to the need for making some lifestyle changes, but in reality implementing these changes is not always easy or straight forward, this is where FirstLine Therapy can help - by providing the tools and the information you need to make healthy lifestyle choices... for life!

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The Program

Good health...isn't that what everybody wants? High energy, mental clarity, full function, and absence of disease well into old age. If that's what you want, the FirstLine Therapy program can help.

What is FirstLine Therapy?

FirstLine Therapy is a "therapeutic lifestyle program". Which means that this program will help you live your life in a way that improves your health. A "therapeutic lifestyle" means making choices every day that will enhance your health and help prevent disease, enabling you to achieve a full, healthy life.

FirstLine Therapy is based on extensive scientific research demonstrating that many of the chronic diseases associated with aging are largely caused by lifestyle choices. These diseases include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, cancer and alzheimer's to name but a few.

A "therapeutic lifestyle program" is now recommended as the "first line of therapy" for individuals with many of the conditions listed above, as well as those with other health problems such as stress, PMS, PCOS, fatigue, menopause, obesity, etc.

How much does it cost?

The program costs £635 and includes:-

  • 1 x initial consultation & body composition analysis (90 mins).
  • 3 x colonic hydrotherapy treatments (60 mins).
  • 3 x infrared sauna (60 mins).
  • 6 x follow-up body composition tests (30 mins).
  • Initial supplements.

By committing to this program, you are taking the first step toward better health!

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I'm happy to talk through the program with you on the phone first (without any commitment), if that makes you feel more comfortable.

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