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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Microscopy is the process by which a single drop of blood is magnified and projected onto a monitor allowing viewing by the practitioner and the patient at the same time.

A blood droplet on a finger

Close up of the Biomedx live blood microscope
Debbie points at a live blood cell under microscope

The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever.

—Dr. Alexis Carrell - Nobel prize winner

The microscopic examination of the blood allows professional assessment by the practitioner, education of the patient, and the establishment of a relationship in which the patient assumes the role of dynamic participant.

Debbie shows client their blood

Live Blood Microscopy offers unparalleled data concerning cellular functioning in the body. The live blood film shows that blood is more than mere cell morphology. It is the dynamic fluid of the body, impacting biochemically on all cells, creating and determining internal milieu.

Live blood microscopy is a tool that offers answers and a sense of inclusion in the process of healing.


Your blood is your connective tissue. It connects everything with everything: your organs, your systems, it delivers oxygen to cells and it maintains life. Healthy blood lives in a healthy body; cleaning up your blood will help clean up all your internal organs, and cleaning up all your internal organs will help clean up your blood.

Live Blood Analysis allows one to:

  • Observe potential problems related to dehydration, oxidative stress, presence of yeasts and organ toxicity.
  • Look at protein absorption and assimilation.
  • Identify possible carbohydrate malabsorption problems.
  • Identify possible breaches of fat breakdown.
  • Help you rebalance your blood through lifestyle, emotional and nutritional adjustments.
  • Help provide all your internal organs with a healthy environment in which to work efficiently and effectively.

The river of life

Your blood is like the water for fish in a goldfish bowl. The health of the fish is dependent upon the health of the water; clean up the dirty water and the sick fish get better!

The essence of Live Blood is to visually identify problems to rebalance your blood electrically and biochemically to provide all your internal organs with a healthy environment in which to work efficiently and effectively.

Few people have ever seen their blood cells up on a TV screen—it's fascinating and often profoundly moving. Your blood is the 'river of life' flowing through you, carrying oxygen, water and nutrients to all of your body's organs and tissues. We instinctively and intuitively know this. So, when you see your blood for the first time, you immediately recognise that a deeper dynamic process is occurring inside of you that is responsible for your health and life. Because live blood is so visual, most people who see their blood in this way truly begin to understand at a far deeper level, the need to take care of their health.

Over time, imbalances in your blood will affect your organs and tissues leading to malfunction and eventually illness. If our red blood cells are not perfectly shaped with proper structure, flexibility and fluidity, their ability to travel around the body and do their job becomes severely compromised.

If our cells can't carry oxygen and nutrients well, then this leads to a reduction in oxygen and nutrients reaching our organs, which in turn translates to symptoms of lowered energy, fatigue and a general sense of feeling unwell or more serious problems.

Based upon your Live Blood observations, the practitioner can recommend specific protocols to cleanse and rejuvenate your body by altering the underlying biological terrain. This may include herbs, natural supplements and detoxification protocols as well as simple lifestyle and nutritional suggestions.

Live blood dietary advice

Getting ones diet right is the essential foundation for holistic healing—a fact that is all too overlooked in conventional medicine. We are what we eat and absorb. The live blood picture simply reflects how our bodies are coping with the demands of life at a given moment in time.

To function efficiently our bodies require the right type of fuel and the correct balance of nutrients to fight pathogens, detoxify, regenerate, rebuild and repair. A body that receives the wrong fuel mix or lacks vital nutrients is not able to keep up with these constant demands. Then it is only a matter of time before cells, tissues, organs and systems malfunction.

If patients continue to put the wrong or inadequate raw materials into their bodies three times a day, a thousand times per hear, medical intervention and complementary therapies will have little impact on underlying disease processes. Even recommending nutritional or herbal supplements is but a 'sticking plaster' approach, unless the faulty metabolism and biochemical imbalances that ultimately lead to chronic disease are rectified.

Consistently eating foods that don't satisfy our body's requirements has wide ranging and cumulative effects. It quickly leads to complaints such as: fatigue, anxiety, reduced immunity, poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, weight problems and depression. Over time, an inappropriate diet will seriously compromise health. Eventually, diagnosable disease states will emerge, dependent on the constant interaction of genetic predisposition and stress.

--Debbie Laniado, Naturopath, DIP.Herb (C.N.M)

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